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SQA Engineer (19001931)

CommScope, Inc.

Last Updated: 4/6/20

Job Description

Job Description:

* Software quality assurance role involves design of test cases for coverage as well as executing the test plan and reporting

* Utilize industry testing tools and programming languages like Perl, labview, Expect to efficiently test the system

* System setup and configuration of equipment like routers and 10 gigabit switches, traffic generators like Spirent test center and IXIA, packet analyzers like Wireshark and various internet protocols like VLAN, ARP, DHCPv4/v6, IPv6, IGMP, LACP and radio frequency testers like spectrum analyzer, oscilloscopes, quadrature amplitude demodulator analyzers, network management and element management software systems.

* quality of service and service level agreements must be verified as required by the system test plan.

* generate reports to meet industry compliance and bench marking standards


Detailed project:

A multiple dwelling unit customer premise device using transport 10 gigabit of data traffic is a new product being developed and require testing.  In this case, a traffic generator needs to be setup to check the throughput and dropped packets associated with each link.  Various service level agreement profiles must be configured in the test equipment as well as the actual device under test in order to check that all the test cases pass.  Whenever the software changes, a regression test suite must be executed again and reported on.

As part of product portfolio, an RF (radio frequency) digital return system requires the link to be setup using optical and RF power meters.  The RF signal generator or QAM (quadrature amplitude modulated) signal is transported and received at the other end using an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer or QAM demodulator.  The testing of this system utilizes lab view in order to automate the testing of the link to characterize the performance of the link.

An internal element management system called Opti-Trace is used to monitor and manage the hybrid fiber cable (HFC) network active network elements.  In this role, the verification of this monitoring system is also required.



- BS/MS in CS/EE or equivalent training in the field with 2+ years’ QA experience - Experience in testing 10G EPON, DOCSIS, DPoE, 1OG OLT/ONU and/or CMTS products - Designing and implementing test plans. Experience in Automated testing - Scripting in Perl, Expect - Expertise in configuring/setting up routers and 10G switches - VLAN, ARP, DHCPv4/v6, IPv6, IGMP, LACP - Experience is testing through puts, QoS, SLAs - Experience with compliance and bench marking tests - Traffic generators : Spirent Test Center, IXIA - Packet Analysis skills using Wireshark - EMS/NMS testing experience - Docsis provisioning Systems - RF products testing, familiar with test equipment like spectrum analyzer, lab view, RF test automation. RF validation


Company Details

CommScope, Inc.

Hickory, North Carolina, United States