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(Archived) SR. Manufacturing Support

Last Updated: 1/13/21

Job Description

Job Description

Division: Claremont Facility Job Title: MSM- Senior Manufacturing Support

FLSA Status: Hourly

Reports to: Production Supervisor

Line Reviewed: None

Hours: 12-hour night shifts, 4 days on, 4 days off 6pm-6am

DOT Physical

Demand Level: Medium Heavy

Material Clerk position overview:

The Material Clerk spends the majority of his time supplying jacket lines with appropriate reels of wire. He is also required to put reels in WIP (work in process) locations, move primary reels to twinning area, and empty trash bins in the area. The Material Clerk must also move finished goods to the elevator, supply jacket lines with reels, pallets, boxes, etc. He/she is also required to make finished goods labels. Forklift batteries must also be changed when depleted. This task falls under the responsibility of the Material Clerk. Batteries are changed via a hoist; no lifting is required for this task. The operator is also required to move full boxes or drums of hazardous and/or non-hazardous waste from the satellite accumulation areas to the receiving office, where the receiving clerk will appropriately log and store the material in the hazardous waste storage building.

In addition to delivering material to production personnel (Jacketing, Primary, Bobbin Winding and Wire Mill), Clerk may load and unload trucks, keep compound tanks full, secure materials for transit, empty trash and cardboard/recycling dumpsters and will be responsible for required SAP transactions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs manual work having to do with the handling of materials in various manufacturing and service departments, using a powered, ridden forklift in the handling and transporting of materials. As required, when the need for a forklift does not exist the material handler will perform the same functions without it.

  • Handle and transport raw materials, parts, supplies, etc., in and between departments or sections for further processing, and assembly. Stage finished goods, excess materials and scrap in proper locations.

  • Perform housekeeping duties to insure a clean and safe work environment, which includes but is not limited to sweeping floors, cleaning railing, mopping and general housekeeping functions.

  • Arrange materials so service aisles, walk spaces, and fire exits, are accessible.

  • Supply materials or in-process cable to various departments, which involves identifying different sizes and types of cores, raw materials and cables.

  • May be required to perform various SAP transactions.

Job Specific Physical Demands:

Material Handling Activities:

This individual will be required to place reels in WIP locations. This will require some pivoting of the reels, which will necessitate exertion of 45 to 55 pounds of force to pivot the reel, and 5 pounds of force to push the reel.

Non-Material Handling:

Standing – Infrequent

Walking – Infrequent

Sitting – Constant

Bending – Occasional to position reels

Squatting / Kneeling – Infrequent

Reaching – Infrequent

Crawling – Never

Climbing – Occasional, to get in and out of the forklift. This individual is required to step up and down 18.8-inch and 28.75-inch steps to get in and out of the forklift.

Hand Function Requirements:

  1. This individual must be able to manipulate controls on a forklift including steering wheel, which is gross grip.

(2) The operator is also required to grasp reels to position them, and also manipulate controls of a hoist to change out batteries.

Visual Requirements:

(1) The Material Handler must be able to have functional vision, both near and far for driving of the forklift, positioning of reels, or delivery of any other item to production, and changing out of batteries and changing out of propane gas tanks.

Environmental Factors:

  1. This job is mostly indoors and climate controlled but requires 10% of outdoor work.
  2. Potential contact with Buffer Gel, solvents and oils from hazardous waste

Personal Protective Equipment:

- Safety Glasses

- Earplugs

- Steel-toed shoes.

- Neomax- Chemical Resistant Gloves.

- Acid-resistant coverall. - Face shield.

*Lifting and Carrying are recorded by weight and Pushing and Pulling are recorded by force exerted, not the weight or mass of the object moved. The worker's Occasional Material Handling (OMH) weights are compared to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, U.S. Department of Labor, 1991, Vol. I and II, called the DOT Physical Demand Levels, which are shown below.




1-10 lb


11-20 lb


21-50 lb


51-100 lb

Very Heavy

Over 100 lb

Extrapolations are also made between the five DOT categories to offer a more specific description of the worker's ability. These new categories are shown below with the DOT Categories.




1-10 lb


11-15 lb


16-20 lb


21-35 lb


36-50 lb


51-75 lb


76-100 lb

Very Heavy

Over 100 lb

Frequency Definitions:

Infrequent Occasional Frequent Constant

Percent of Day 1-2% 3-33% 34-66% 67-100% Repetitions 1-4 5-32 33-250 251-2000

Company Details

CommScope, Inc.

Hickory, North Carolina, United States