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Packaging Tech - 1st Shift


Last Updated: 7/17/21

Job Description

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • At beginning of shift, meet with supervisor to determine what products need to be packaged
  • Assemble packaging materials needed at end of line
  • Inspect product before packaging, package required quantity of product in box
  • Apply adhesive glue to box, seal box, apply label to the outside of box
  • Move packaged material from end of line to the floor
  • Manually shrink wrap boxes on floor
  • Move finished boxes by squeeze forklift to shipping/storage area
  • Remove bundles of scrap from end of line to grinder area
  • Load glue applicator with glue
  • Walk product downstream
  • Feed product into belt puller
  • Feed product into cutter
  • Removing scrap material during line start up or during change over using the Diverter valve
  • Assemble boxes throughout shift
  • Maintain good housekeeping

Minimum Requirements:

  • Keep area organized and clean of debris to avoid trip hazards
  • Recommended PPE: Gloves, Watch for glue when packing product with Mylar
  • Recommended PPE: Gloves, keep glue gun away from body, use caution when using scissors.
  • Use proper lifting techniques
  • Use proper lifting techniques, use caution when using scissors and knives
  • Follow rules for forklift operation, make sure materials are balanced on forklift, move backwards when objects obstruct view, Wear seatbelt, Drive slowly and avoid sharp turns
  • Recommended PPE: Gloves, use caution when using scissors and knives
  • REQUIRED PPE: Gloves, do not stick hands into melted glue
  • Recommended PPE: Gloves, Remove material in walkway
  • Recommended PPE: Gloves, remove slitter blade, DO NOT STICK HANDS PAST GUARDS
  • Recommended PPE: Gloves and safety glasses, Use fans to remove butane, Remove scrap material from area
  • REQUIRED PPE: Gloves/Cut proof gloves required when using utility knives.
  • Must be able to use measuring devices
  • Must be able to work required overtime, Saturdays and Sundays
  • Perform other duties as deemed necessary by management

Company Details

Hickory, North Carolina, United States